Medically speaking, a synapse is the point of communication between nerve cells. It serves the crucial function of passing messages from one cell to another.

Artistically speaking, Synapse Studios can do the same for you and the audiences you need to reach.

I founded Synapse Studios in 1998 to provide illustration services to clients in the medical marketing, educational and legal communities. My illustrations communicate medical concepts in a way that is engaging and accurate, ensuring that your message hits the mark, whether you are communicating with physicians, patients, students or jurors.

My background in science and art – coupled with decades of experience working with physicians, attorneys, art directors and medical product managers – allows me to quickly grasp the main concepts of a message and produce unique, accurate visuals that powerfully make your point.

Medical Illustration has been my focus for more than 30 years. This work provides the perfect fusion for my lifelong passions of art and the human sciences. Through Synapse Studios, I channel this focus and passion into effective and meaningful illustrations for my clients.

-Ron Guastaferri, MAMS

Ron Guastaferri graduated cum laude from Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois with a BA in Biology, and a concentration in Studio Art. After attending The American Academy of Art in Chicago, Ron was one of twelve students accepted into the graduate program in Biomedical Visualization at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

While researching his master’s thesis, Ron worked at Chiang Mai University’s Suan Dok Hospital in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where he designed and produced a series of illustrated instructional exhibits for the hospital’s Department of Surgery.

After earning his MAMS, Ron began his professional career at BioMedia Corporation, one of the first companies in the nation to specialize in medical legal exhibits. He served as Senior Medial Illustrator at BioMedia, before founding Synapse Studios in 1998.